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Hello fellow Vancouverite, welcome! The world of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in our city is vast, and finding the right one requires a systematic approach. This guide will take you through the steps of identifying, evaluating, and choosing a Managed Service Provider that aligns with your unique needs.

Step 0: Get a list Find the list of Managed Service Providers in Vancouver on CloudTango, Clutch and Upcity. If you search on Google, the first featured block of search results will generally list many Managed Service Providers in Vancouver listed by their number of Google reviews and rating. There will definitely be Google Ads (Bing ads on Bing) that you can check out as well.

Step 1: Initial Selection Criteria Narrow down your options by choosing specific criteria; for instance, SOC II compliance. (If you choose, SOC II compliance, you’ll have a small list to begin with!)

Step 2: Shortlisting Providers Select five to seven MSPs based on your criteria and reach out to them via email. Pay attention to their responsiveness; if they don’t reply promptly, move on to those who do.

Step 3: Requesting Information Gather detailed information on their offerings. This might take some time but is crucial for a comprehensive evaluation. Create an Excel sheet, input defining factors, give weightage and compare them.

Step 4: Critical Variable Analysis Identify your most important variables, with cost likely playing a role. Some MSPs may not align with your budget, helping you narrow down your choices further.

Step 5: Engaging with Providers Initiate calls with your selected MSPs. Listen to their pitch, ask questions, and take notes. This step provides a deeper understanding of their offerings.

Step 6: In-Depth Analysis Ask more questions, inquire from trusted sources if possible, and request references. By now, you should have a front-runner and a runner-up.

Step 7: Decision Making Engage with the top candidates, discuss your needs, and settle on the one that aligns best with your requirements.

For Larger Companies: If you’re a larger company, you’re probably going to involve top-level decision-makers like the CEO, Heads of Technology, and Project Managers and it may take a few weeks.

For Smaller Companies: The list of providers to select from is going to be big and you might not have much compliance requirements. So, focus on what matters to you – location, experience, people, trust, recommendations. Consider your existing Managed Service Provider, if any, and identify key issues you’re having with them.

Alternative: Prasna IT If you prioritize happy employees. Our humanized IT support emphasizes empathy, personalization, and user-friendliness.

Specialties and Expertise: Keep in mind that Managed Service Providers often have specialties. Match your crucial needs with the provider’s expertise for a tailored partnership.

Essential MSP Services: Whether you are a 5 people or a 500 people company, Managed Services Providers should be able to do two things. One is that they provide all regular and necessary service. AND they also need to provide you with VCIO services, WITHOUT being asked for. Since Managed Services Provider is your trusted Technology Department, they should continuously monitor, train/teach you and innovate so your IT infrastructure is taken care of. Same with IT Strategy.

Conclusion: At the end of the day, it all boils down to transparency, being forthright, timeliness on solutions, proactivity and care they take of your people. Call us at Prasna IT and see for yourself if we have these qualities as your Managed Service Provider.


Reality: Even after all the review and your thoroughness in the selection process, your choice of Managed Service Provider might not be your best fit. Like all things in life, be bold to review the process, communicate, work together with your provider and if all else fails, consider replacement.

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