Create Custom Email Addresses for Free using Cloudflare



If you own a domain and need an email address based off that domain, you’ll either need a paid subscription with third party providers or you’ll need to pay the hosting company (Prasna IT provides Microsoft Outlook and Office for a discount!). However, if you just need a forwarding service, Cloudflare’s Free Tier will do that for you provided you use them as your DNS provider. And the best part, you can create as many email addresses as you want!

  • Login to –> select the domain –> Email –> Email Routing –> Turn it on
  • Email Routing –> Catch-all address –> Add your email to forward all emails to –> Turn it active
  • Email Routing –> Custom addresses –> Create address
  • Create as many custom email addresses as needed. They’ll be active immediately
  • Test by sending a few emails. (The change is generally almost instantaneous!)

And while you’re under the “Email” submenu, take the opportunity to enable DMARC Management for the domain.

If you want to learn more about using Cloudflare as your DNS provider, please read our CEO’s blog.

Are you going to try it out today and enjoy the benefits?! If you need help, Prasna IT is here to help you!

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2 responses to “Create Custom Email Addresses for Free using Cloudflare”
  1. Mayur sarode Avatar

    Thanks for the lead! Zoho also offers free custom email services.

    1. prasna-web-admin Avatar

      Thank you for being the first commenter in the history of Prasna’s website Mayur!

      Yes indeed, Zoho provides free and full email service on your own (custom) domain for up to five users for free. Perfect for small businesses!