Essential Post-Website Launch Checklist for Small Businesses


We’ve recently met with small businesses and proprietorships in Greater Vancouver. During discussions about their IT infrastructure, it became apparent that many have websites lacking essential attributes. Below is a checklist where we elaborate on what is needed for a robust website.

  1. Upgrade to HTTPS: Ensure your website is secure and trusted by migrating to HTTPS. Not only does it build user trust, but Google also favors HTTPS sites in search rankings. Fortunately, obtaining an SSL certificate is often a quick and cost-free process, with many hosting companies offering it for free.
  2. SSL Certificate Quality Check: After installing an SSL certificate, test its quality by visiting and entering your website address. Aim for at least an “A” grade. If not, consult your website manager for necessary adjustments.
  3. Spell Check: Don’t overlook the basics. Review your website for spelling mistakes, and have friends and family provide feedback on the content. Ensure all text is up to date.
  4. Link Verification: Click through all links on your website to confirm they lead to the intended pages. If you lack a blog, prevent ‘404 – not found’ messages by either creating posts or adjusting the website accordingly.
  5. Formatting Inspection: Check for any misaligned images, boxes, or buttons. Correct any formatting issues to maintain a professional appearance.
  6. Eliminate Fake and Default Information: Scrutinize your content for any placeholder text such as ‘lorem ipsum.’ Replace or delete such content to avoid presenting unprofessional information to your audience.
  7. Regular Backups: Safeguard your website by regularly backing up its content. Explore automated backup options through plugins or applications, or inquire with your website manager. Consider tools like for manual backups.
  8. Uptime Monitoring: Implement a website monitoring tool to promptly identify and address downtime issues. Early detection allows you to take corrective actions swiftly, minimizing potential disruptions to your online presence.

Prasna IT hosts websites for businesses, feel free to reach out to us if you have questions on the above or are interested in hosting your website with us.

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