Why your small business should have an official email address

Its cool to have a custom email address for your business. After all, "What's in a name?", "Everything"
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Let’s just put it out there – its cool to have a custom email address for your business instead of a gmail or telus or an outlook account!

Your custom email like hello@prasna.ca is a matter of pride and fun!

It’s symbolic of your dream to produce significant change in your customer’s lives; of your deep seated desire to change things for better. And it’s the realization of a dream that you’ve harbored for much time and for some of us, decades.

“What’s in a name” – people ask. “Everything” is our answer. 馃檪

If this much is not enough for you to consider ditching your generic email to your own custom address, read on to know the benefits:

Look professional – It’s same when you wear “nicer” clothes to a client meeting. Your nicer clothes was only for the meeting. Your custom email is for the whole of the internet. Your prospects, your clients, partners, stakeholders.

Branding – Every email you send helps reinforce your brand identity. Every email. It’s almost like you’re sleeping and your business is making money.

Credibility – Your business will be taken more seriously when the email appears from a custom domain. Yeah. We’re human. We cannot stop judging.

Security – Your official email helps with spam, security, encryption etc. You can implement them. And receiving ends will have an easier time filtering and passing your emails through.

Brand recognition – Your official email is your billboard on the internet, in the inboxes of recipients. Awareness is the first thing your business needs. Official emails do that all day long.

Additionally, official email addresses provide consistent brand identity, scalability when you’re adding services or more people, making it possible to help sharing of assets and collaboration. The list goes on.

Its easy to get started, doesn’t cost as much as well. You could start with this option, which is completely free, or Zoho mail, which is free for upto five users.

Let us know what you think and comment below.

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to reach out to us.

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